VR-training in managing threats and violence

Are you exposed to threats, violence and conflicts at work? Do you want to learn how to be prepared when facing hostile individuals and how to manage threats of violence? We will give you the tools. Framvik offers a worldwide unique innovation; VR-training for the management and prevention of conflict with simulator D-escalator.

We have revolutionized the teaching methods of creating security and managing threats, violence and conflict. One of our founders is Maria Bauer, who is considered to be Sweden’s foremost lecturer on the subjects of threats and violence.


A groundbreaking method using virtual reality

Framvik’s VR-training in conflict management is a unique and innovative approach, providing preparation and readiness in conflict-filled, stressful and threatening situations. Our focus is on co-workers who are at risk of being exposed to threats and violence in the workplace.

An increased amount of training in a safe and controlled environment is a given advantage.

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