Management training and advise

Conflicts at work - learn from Maria Bauer

A challenge for many managers is managing and preventing conflicts as well as motivating employees to strive in the same direction. Framvik's training and counselling for managers includes expert help in handling both the demands coming from management as well as those from the employee.

The training and counselling is based on Framvik’s founder Maria Bauer’s long work and educational experience pertaining to threats, violence and conflict management, where she has handled staff groups and managers, among others.

It has become common practice that companies, authorities and voluntary organizations, turn to Framvik for advice in complicated personnel matters or long term disputes.

Some questions and topics from which we start:

  • How do I prevent a conflict?
  • What do I do when conflict arises?
  • How do I get my employees to focus on the assignment?
  • How can I improve at difficult conversations?
  • Approach: private, personal and professional.
  • How do I motivate the staff group?

A few of the many groups that Framvik’s education and counselling aims at are the managers in health care, social care, social services, youth care, psychiatry and criminal justice.

We welcome you to sign up with us for the development of your leadership and for increased confidence in managing conflicts.

Being a manager sometimes presents great challenges. We at Framvik are accustomed to supporting complicated staff matters.