About Framvik

2020.02.17 / About Framvik

Framvik’s new site

Progress is moving forward – now we are launching the new site. Browse and get a feel for a whole new way to train in security, threats, violence and conflict management through VR training.

We are here to revolutionize the education industry in creating security, and in learning conflict management, and how to manage threats and violence.

With the help of Tankbar AB, Framvik has in 2019/2020 developed this new site. We hope to be able to improve our presentation of offers to both new and existing customers in the areas we are very passionate about, such as: domestic violence, violence prevention, prevention of threats and violence, management of threats and violence at work, conflict management and stress reduction.

2020.02.13 / About Framvik

The new partner – Sörmlandsfonden

Sörmlandsfonden is owned by Sörmlands Sparbank, Sparbanken Rekarne and Länsförsäkringar Södermanland. Own investable capital amounts to SEK 15 million, which together with the business angel network and other investors can be exchanged up to about SEK 250 million. Co-investments are made in companies that normally have a capital requirement of SEK 1-5 million. Read more about Sörmlandsfonden.


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