Vr-training: D-escalator

A virtual reality simulator for conflict resolution

Framvik's VR training in conflict management is an unique and innovative approach, providing preparation and readiness in conflict-filled, stressful and threatening situations. Our focus is on co-workers who are at risk of being exposed to threats and violence in the workplace.

Fight? Flight? Freeze? What will your reaction be in a critical and threatening situation?

Framvik offers an effective and modern solution for learning, in addition to classical theoretical education. With our unique training simulator D-escalator, employees will learn a new and innovative technique in reducing stress, dealing with stress, and handling critical situations and assaults. The future learning experience is here!

The training will take place in your own working environment.  D-escalator allows personnel to be able to experience realistic scenarios where they can practice and improve on, among other things, their own responses to conflicts and threats.

Specially adapted scenarios or standard scenarios

Framvik currently develops scenarios for VR-training for the police, social services, private sectors of the care industry, schools, trade, hotels and restaurants and security companies. The FBI has shown an interest in D-escalator, as has the United Nations, and the police force in Austria.

We develop scenarios that are adapted to your own working environment and the unique challenges you are facing.

There is even the possibility to use the scenarios already existing, so just contact us for the price list.

Economically effective and improved customer service

Framivik’s VR-training potentially aids in decreasing costs for sick leave, through the establishment of sustainable work environments. The educational costs will decrease while the quantity and quality of education increases.

As one customer expressed, “This saves many years of work experience of meeting people with these problems”.


D-escalator is a VR-simulator where the user practices their own reactions in dealing with threatening behaviour and experiencing violent situations. Design your own scenario or use one of the existing scenarios - contact us for price information.