Education on how to face threats and violence

Training and lectures on how to best deal with threats and violence

Maria Bauer is Sweden's foremost lecturer on the topic of violence in the public sector. She has educated over 200 000 individuals in Scandinavia on the subjects of threats and violence, conflict management, violence prevention and mental illness.

All of Framvik’s courses and lectures on threats and violence are based on Maria Bauer’s thirty years of professional work experience and research.

The lectures and courses are based on various main themes, for example:

  • Moral Obligation (structures, routines, working group agreements, legislation and more)
  • The Relationship (clarification of expectations based on professional roles, ethics and boundaries)
  • Triggers (triggers of aggression, threats, violence)
  • Stress

The social services, psychiatry, criminal justice, police, school and health care are examples of some of our typical customers. Schools and the social services are vulnerable areas where we see increased need for strategies, approaches and knowledge about threats and violence.

The lectures and training courses will be tailored to your needs and desires. Sometimes the training is an hour – in other situations the course runs over a day or several days. Typical topics are the prevention of threats and violence, violence resolution, management of aggressive behaviour and conflict management.

Examples of feedback by customers about Maria Bauer:

“Maria is an amazing person. Knowledgeable, warm, funny and smart. Her lectures on difficult subjects are enchanting. She challenges the subjects in an exciting way. Go Maria! ”

“Straight forward, honest, knowledgeable, absolutely fantastic! She inspired us to want to know more, to read more, to study more, to be better. Super!”

“Maria does not allow the difficulty of the subject to stand in her way, and instead she uses her problem solving talents and throws herself straight into the heart of the problem, pinpointing the concerns and finding the solutions.”

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