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Framvik: Leading the way in conflict management

Framvik is an innovative training company founded in 2017 by Maria Bauer and Axel Fors. Our mission is to work for peaceful and inclusive communities – we come with peace. One of our main focuses is on our innovation D-escalator: Groundbreaking VR-training for conflict management.

We are a team of about 20 people who develop competitive, durable and innovative solutions for, among other things, violence prevention. Framvik is built upon, and is surrounded by, knowledge in medicine, criminology, behavioural science, law and economics. We also have civil engineers, 3D artists and programmers.

Framvik is based on science

Since the beginning, we have emphasized the importance of research and development. Framvik has an ongoing development and research project with the Karolinska Institutet and with Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

In addition to our world-unique product D-escalator, virtual reality for conflict management, we develop and provide educational material for social work, mental illness, criminology and other things.


The pioneer of conflict resolution, Maria Bauer, founded Framvik

Maria Bauer is an expert in violence and threats, with 30 years of professional experience from the judiciary, social care and healthcare sectors. For the past fifteen years, Maria has taught conflict management and violence prevention. Maria Bauer is the country’s foremost lecturer on threats and violence at work and has lectured to over 200,000 employees in various workplaces in Scandinavia. During 2020, she will publish a new book on the subject of domestic violence, and she has previously co-authored the book: “Threats and Violence at Work” (Studentlitteratur, 2012, 2019).

Axel Fors is a socio-economist and criminologist. He has worked within the prison and probation sector, the National Board of Social Services and the Swedish Forensic Medical Administration, with violence prevention and method development. He has also participated in various studies on the treatment of abuse, addiction and violent crime. Moreover, Axel has worked in psychiatry, family treatment, care and social services.


Vinnova supports Framvik's peace work

Vinnova supports Framvik

Sweden’s innovation authority Vinnova, supports Framvik’s work financially. Vinnova emphasizes the importance of sustainability goals and gender equality in all work that they contribute to.

Framvik is the SörmX company of the year, 2019

The nomination states: “The company combines research and technology in a whole new way. The team is strong and knows the art of engaging in a pitch. This is a company that will take us straight into the future and contribute to a more peaceful world! ” Read more.

Maria Bauer – Behavioural Scientist of the Year 2016

In 2017, one of the founders of Framvik, Maria Bauer, was named Behavioural Scientist of the Year 2016 by the Swedish Association of SSR and the Network for Behavioural Scientist. In the awarding of this prize, it was of particular importance to reward innovative thinking and to give it to someone who was a strong role model within Behavioural sciences.

The nomination emphasized Maria’s talent to analyse accurately, as well as her achievement of raising management’s awareness of the importance of keeping user focus and a clear focus on the assignment. Maria Bauer has helped staff in their reflections and insights regarding assignments, attitudes and approaches.

Board of Directors

Axel Fors, Chairman of the board

Maria Bauer

Mats Lindgren

Maria Fischer

Thomas Karlsson

Elisabet Keussen

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