Framvik’s competence package

Violence prevention with Maria Bauer

An in-depth and complete training package for the management of conflict and threatening behaviour - in an innovative and successful way.

An educational method that gives your organization understanding, experience and readiness for a more efficient and better approach. As an employer, you take responsibility for both the work environment and the cost of sick leave through this comprehensive investment.

Three parts of the education:

  1. A lecture by Framvik’s founder Maria Bauer: Sweden’s foremost educator explains how to deal with threats and violence in the workplace.
    Maria Bauer is seen as a pioneer in conflict management and violence prevention, especially in the workplace. She has thirty years of professional experience from social work, the care sector and the judiciary, and has educated over 200,000 people in Scandinavia.
  2. Conflict management in a VR environment with D-escalator: A new and revolutionary way to train in coping with threats and situations of violence.
    Employees are able, in a controlled setting and in their own work environment, to “step into” realistic scenarios where they practice simulating techniques to deal with conflicts and critical situations. A valuable complement to the classical education approach, with theory and even role-playing. VR-training is known to build a sense of security and confidence on how to face future conflicts and critical situations.
  3. Consultation and advice: Employees and managers receive support in introducing new working techniques and routines.
    The new working methods are based on Maria Bauer’s evidence-based research and proven experience and is one of the items found in her book: ”Hot och våld på jobbet” (Studentlitteratur, 2012, 2019).

“Perfect with a complete package of both theory, practical training and counselling to introduce a new way of dealing with threats and violence. A package that can really make a difference! ”

“The combination of different parts gives a greater impact. VR-training to equip staff to handle threatening situations and the theory to hang the experience on!”

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